Growing older means some things do change, some adjustments have to be made, and new challenges have to be faced.  But it does not mean we have to adopt a lower standard of commitment to God and his plans. At 65 or 70 or 75, we may not be able to keep up with our campus students, but our hearts can still be hungry our minds still expanding.

The Pacesetter ministry, mainly for those past retirement age, was begun more than fifteen years ago, and as the name implies, this group is committed to setting the pace in love for God and his kingdom, openness to growth, hospitality and outreach. The group like the Greater Nashville Church itself is a diverse bunch. There are singles, widows, widowers and married couples, black and white, and Asian ranging in age from early 60s to mid-80s.

Because a number in this group have difficulty with nighttime events, the group meetings take place on Wednesday morning at 10:30 at our church facility at 3646 Murfreesboro Pike. These times involve worship, study and a great meal like you can only get from the Pacesetters. You won’t believe the banana pudding! Of course, the fellowship and relationships are vital. If you are in this phase of life and are still seeking to find God’s will and grow in your relationship with him, you will find much encouragement in joining the Pacesetter.